Connected drums

Rastrea tus carretes de cables en tiempo real
en todos sus sitios y obtenga más
de sus datos!

Why this solution?

Connected Drums leverages IoT technologies to provide round-the-clock drum tracking including theft detection, shipment follow up and notifications update during your drums cycles.

And thanks to AI and edge computing, each drum “knows” exactly how much cable remains on the reel and “asks” for a pickup when it is empty.


Do you know?

Don’t you know that our customers lose in average 10% of their drums fleet every year and that their project managers lose in average 5% of the time tracking them?

That represents in average 100k€/year for mid-size operators and represents up to several Millions €/year for large DSOs.

Our solution

Connected Drums’ is Nexans’ dedicated drum management platform.This digital geolocalisation solution for cable drums is based on a combination of hardware, software, services and engineering expertise. Multi-sensor GPS tracking devices affixed to drums are followed using dedicated ERP-ready web software (iOS/Android). Nexans’ unique solution enables accurate, realtime pinpointing of the location of cable drums at any moment, optimising drum management, logistics and rotation cycle time whilst preventing loss and theft of cables and drums.


Connected drums in operation


reduction of your rotation cycle time


thefts and lost reduction

How does it work?


Manage the fleet

Our solution enable our customers to keep track of their drums and look at a single drum to know its current location, its history of movement, history of intervention and therefore avoid loss and better follow their operations.
Our customers can also use reports to know which drums are overdue for returns to Nexans, or which one are the slow movers in their logistics centers.


Improve remote stock visibility

We help our customers to better manage the remaining cable stock on the drums. The device embedded in the drums calculates the number of rotations of the drums and thanks to specific AI we translate this rotations into remaining cable length on the drum. It enables our customers to better manage their residual lengths and also know when a drum is empty and ready for pick up or can be used for another construction site.


Prevent theft

With Connected Drums our customers are able to know when a drum unexpectedly leaves a site and warn their project managers or sites supervisors right away. We can also implement alerts based on the movements of the drums at night to alert your supervisors in real time.

Our platform

The web platform allows our customers to follow:

  • the location of their drums
  • the remaining cable on the drums
  • the history of intervention and movements
  • stocks site by site in real time thanks to advanced dashboards
  • alerts in case of overdues for return or thefts

The mobile app allows our customers operators or sub-contractors:

  • to connect to a drum
  • to follow the remaining cable and access product details on that drums
  • to update the lengths and cutting history
  • to request a drum pick up if a construction is ended

They trust us

Enedis - Fluvius - SSE - Alstom

How they talk about us?

“ The Connected Drums solution brings a gain of productivity and efficiency in the exercise of our daily business. ”

Enedis project manager using the solution

Our partners

ffly4u - Sigfox - Orange - Azure - LoRa


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